The HM Govt. Call for Evidence deadline is the 4th May 2021

The national moratorium on commercial premises evictions, statutory demands and winding up petitions has been extended to June 30th 2021 and HM Government has issued a 'Call for Evidence’ in order to understand the position of both landlords and tenants on how to move forward.

The purpose of the exercise is to investigate the depth and effectiveness of conversations  and negotiations around rental arrears and to analyse 6 options for possible next steps including mediation, ongoing financial business support and possible extension of the moratoria. 

The CTA is submitting its own evidence to ensure commercial tenants are fairly represented and engaged but to do so effectively we need YOUR input.

By providing us with some information about your business and your thoughts on the various proposals, the CTA will be able to use this combined information to add weight to the position we take on your behalf to lobby the Government. Please complete our survey – it takes 3 minutes.

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